Professional Oriental Rug, Outdoor Cushion and Top-Down General Cleaning

colorful oriental rug in living room
three blue outside cushions on a bench
white kitchen with island and two chairs
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When our family started Spotsmith, almost 20 years ago we wanted our business to have a purpose -- a direction that we could keep simple, excel at, and continually improve. It meant being different from other businesses in our industry.
Tami Webster, Owner, Spotsmith

Top Down General Cleaning, Outdoor Cushion Cleaning, and Oriental & Fine Area Rug Cleaning seem to fit into our goal of offering something different from our competitors. These services exemplify our commitment to continuous improvement. Customers marvel at the thought of getting these specialty cleanings and are amazed with the results.

Oriental & Fine Area Rug Cleaning

It generally it is not recommended to clean oriental & fine area rugs in your home. The more expensive the rug the more likely it should be professionally cleaned at a professional rug shop. Oriental and fine area rugs require different treatments for proper cleaning based on a myriad of factors – soil types, condition, age, fabric type, weave, and style to name a few. These factors and others require rugs to be often cleaned in unique ways using differing cleaning solutions, differing processes, differing techniques, differing drying techniques and controlled drying unique to each rug. Spotsmith provides a complete service from pick-up to professional cleaning and care, to delivery.

Outdoor Cushion Cleaning

Outdoor cushions are victim to a multitude of spots, spills, and soiling – tree sap, dirt and grime, and mildew. Spotsmith has a program that includes pick-up from your home or business, clean, store for the winter, and deliver clean and fresh in the spring.

Top-Down General Cleaning

Whether you are preparing for a wedding, a home sale, or simply want your home or business cleaned completely and thoroughly Spotsmith provides a solution. We bring a team to your home and clean virtually every surface from the inside of ceiling light fixtures to concrete basement floors. In, around, over, and underneath every wall, floor, ceiling, piece of furniture, appliance, and fixture.