The Spotsmith Opportunity

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Entry Level to Expert!

Spotsmith offers a comprehensive, systematic program designed to offer valued employees the opportunity to become industry experts. Through regular, periodic training Spotsmith employees become industry trained and certified experts.

We teach you more than just cleaning techniques. We teach you our business. You will come to understand how our business works, and why we deliver services in a manner superior to other cleaning businesses. The result is that as a Spotsmith technician you will build knowledge, you will build confidence in yourself, your skills, and your expertise. You will empower yourself to deliver an unparalleled level of service to our customers.

As you progress through the different steps of our training program, you’ll enjoy regular periodic pay increases and bonuses. As an expert your efforts will impact the growth of Spotsmith. With that growth you will have a voice in shaping your own job design, our workplace, future compensation, and future benefits.


In this attached article there are a handful of behaviors that contribute to success anywhere, especially at Spotsmith – practiced consistently they will bring you respect.

Reading this article and giving it thought is a great way to prepare for a successful interview with Spotsmith.

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Comprehensive Training Includes

On-the-Job Training

A comprehensive and structured On-the-job training program to learn our systematic approach to preparing supplies, equipment, and vehicles to effectively deliver Spotsmith services. As you progress you will learn the processes and procedures for delivering each of the Spotsmith’s cleaning services.

Understanding the Spotsmith Value Proposition

You’ll learn the overall strategies that Spotsmith is building its business on and how Spotsmith differs from other cleaning businesses. You learn how value disciplines such as the Customer Intimacy model and the Service Profit Chain model translate into everyday activity and your ultimate satisfaction with your work. They will become guiding principles for making your own imprint on Spotsmith.

Professional Training and Industry Certification

You will regularly and periodically attend industry training to earn IICRC Certifications. And, be compensated for your success in attaining the credentials. The training initially will bring you Journeyman status and lead to a Certification of Master Cleaner. From there you will attend advanced, more specialized classes that will allow your career and Spotmith to provide additional, more specialized services.

Spotsmith Business Training

Spotsmith does not just teach our technicians cleaning processes and techniques, we teach every discipline of our business. You’ll learn how and why we run our business in specific ways to continuously improve your job satisfaction and our customer’s satisfaction. The more you know, the better you can serve Spotsmith customers.


Our goal at Spotsmith is to make a positive impact on the lives of people we do business with - especially Spotsmith employees. Employees should continuously improve their value to Spotsmith and their value in the employment marketplace. We hope to help you learn the value of Lifelong Learning, managing your resources, setting and attaining career goals. We want our employees to have the skills and knowledge to partner with us to improve our business and design their own advanced role in our business.

We hope to supply you with a model for achievement whether you choose to stay with Spotsmith or move to another company or industry.